Boat Rentals

Grab your family and head out on your own boat for a day of fun on the water and discover the beauty that Exuma has to offer, from snorkeling, fishing, exploring the Exuma Cays, checking out the beautiful sea life, to adventuring on a self-guided tour to many of the Island’s most gorgeous and sought after locations. 


Our primary vessels are Boston Whalers, which come in varying lengths including fifteen, seventeen, and twenty-two feet. Minn’s Watersports staff are friendly and available to guests to ensure that they are comfortable using the boats and will ensure novice boaters are acquainted with the vessel prior to operation.

Boating Around Elizabeth Harbour

Located just off Elizabeth Harbour, our guests can boat around the Harbour in one of Minn’s Watersports rental boats, or seek advice from our concierge service about the best places to visit beyond the harbour, including scenic areas, nearby islands with exceptional food and drinks, beaches filled with starfish and sand dollars, and so much more.

Elizabeth Harbour is the Caribbean’s largest natural protected port, and is found to be quite tranquil. The water is very calm and undisturbed for the most part, and boaters find it easy to navigate regardless of their experience levels with operating a watercraft. From the water, you will enjoy unique and pleasant views of the Hideaways Beach and Splash Bar & Grill. Wave to guests back on land while you boat around and check out the beautiful reefs, white sand beaches, and waterfront dining and entertainment.

Experiencing Exuma by Boat

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the Exuma waters is with your own boat. Guests who partake in our boat rentals experience Exuma in a way that others don’t. There is something to be said for touring a place by the water and visiting sights and establishments that you could otherwise not get to.

If choosing to adventure out on your own self-guided tour, we highly recommend the following stops throughout your day:

Ø  Students Reef

Ø  Mystery Cave

Ø  Turtle Lagoon

Ø  Black Rock Reef

Ø  Stocking Island Sand Bar

For convenience, and to help you get your planning started, we have provided a link below which will take you to an interactive Google Earth map, which shows you the locations where mooring buoys are available for your use when visiting these popular snorkeling sites by boat. In addition to the recommendations above, this interactive map provides many more suggestions for stops along your way, best tide and weather conditions for visiting, what you will experience at each location, and more!