25. February 2014

Among the activities for which the Exumas are renowned is bonefishing. Surrounding Great Exuma are clear water shallows perfect for the sport. A low rising tide brings hungry bonefish and unparalleled action on the line.

If you’re going to embark on a bonefishing adventure, be sure to bring your amber polarized sunglasses for best vision of the tail-waving motion and mud swirls stirred up by these bottom-grubbing fish. Given our reliable tropical rays, hat, lip balm, and other sun-protective essentials are a must.

Beginners will have a lot to learn about fly placement and more, but Exuma’s fishermen are among the world’s premier experts and can quickly help you acquire the basic skills you need. In this regard, there may be no better than “Bonefish Stevie” Ferguson, who has been leading visitors through paradise for more than 20 years. An Exuma native who grew up fishing these flats, Stevie is a laid back island personality, equally adept in providing instruction or allowing experienced enthusiasts the opportunity to pursue their own style and rely on their instincts as they track these wily fish.

For equipment, Stevie recommends bringing fast to medium action rods in 8 or 9 weight. Packing back-ups isn’t a bad idea. You can see his suggestions for disc drag, line selection, and fly choice here.

If you don’t want to carry your own, many providers will supply gear. Simply check in advance for availability, so you’re not disappointed.
Although most Hideaways guests avail themselves of a guide, a DIY approach can also be fruitful, although more demanding of chart-reading skills and overall knowledge of bonefish habitats and behavior. Whether you rent a skiff, use a kayak, or even wade out on foot, there are opportunities galore to test your skill. Find tips here for planning an independent excursion.

Whether you go full package or self-guided, Hideaways is a great home-base for your bonefishing vacation. Conveniently located just outside George Town, we’re equidistant from top sites up and down the island. And our casual atmosphere is a comfort to return to after a spectacular, but likely tiring, day on the water.