One of the best parts of vacationing, especially with your loved one, is watching the sunrise and sunset. Fortunately for travelers to this little piece of paradise, Exuma has many great spots to watch both! So here is a helpful hint list for some of the notable places to visit.


We all know that sunsets have their own romantic beauty, but we mustn’t forget how gorgeous and refreshing a sunrise can be as well! These locations are must-visits for those looking for the best view of the rising sun, especially along the pristine Exuma waters.

Three Sisters Beach

Three Sisters Beach has a lot of charm all on its own, with its tales about the three rocks and the beautiful white sand along the shoreline. Visiting Three Sisters Beach during the day is lots of fun, but don’t forget to experience its beauty during sunrise! With the sun peaking behind the three sister rocks, this beach offers great photo ops of the finest Exuma sunrises.

Hideaways at Palm Bay
Whether staying in a beach front cottage, sitting on the white sand beach, or sipping a morning coffee on the patio, Hideaways has ample space for its guests to watch and admire the sun coming up. What a relaxing and enjoyable way to start the morning! Its not wonder why Hideaways guests love the property.

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is an absolute pleasure to visit during sunrise. Just look at that view!


Sunrises are beautiful, but nothing can really and truly top a sunset!

Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire Bar & Grill is by far one of the most popular and famous locations in the Exumas to watch the sun go down. Its beach front location gives patrons the best views of the sunset, all while enjoying a Bahamian bevvie, glass of wine, or other beverage of your choice. Following the sunset is live music a couple of times a week, making it an all around great spot for a nice night out to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. Perfect for anniversaries or other romantic occasions!

Hideaways at Palm Bay
Being previously mentioned for its stunning sunrise, Hideaways is also notable for its romantic sunsets. Being a beach front location with a patio attached to a delicious Bar & Grill, what better way to spend a nice night on the deck with a glass of wine, an appy of your choice, or a full on meal. Travelling with little ones? They can play on the white sand beach right within your line of sight while you and your love, friends, or other family members enjoy the view along the Elizabeth Harbour.

Chat ‘N’ Chill – Stocking Island
Seen from the other side of Elizabeth Harbour, the view of the sunset at Chat ‘N’ Chill on Stocking Island is an absolute must-see. Chat ‘N’ Chill has so much to offer its patrons, you and your family will have a fabulous time spending the day here. From aquatic life, to games of volleyball, to enjoying a great beach-side meal and drink, why not add breathtaking sunset to the list?

​​​​​Hooper’s Bay

Hooper’s Bay is rated one of the best locations in Exuma to watch the sunset! Situated right along the water, this is a great place to bring a blanket, picnic basket, and some bevvies to enjoy a romantic sunset


Jolly Hall

Adding this one in as a bit of a treat, as it is a great place to visit after the sun has gone down! Which is why it’s on the list. Starting with sunrises and venturing into sunsets, why not give a bit of an adventurous way to end off the later hours of the night? Although the beach is stunning on its own during the day time, it’s a fun spot to visit by moon light, especially with your friends or loved ones. Please be safe, as it can be quite dark!