Welcome to Great Exuma Island….

The Exuma Islands in the Bahamas are becoming an increasingly popular destination for vacationers. Many of the rich and famous vacation here and a great deal of them purchase land including their own private islands, or ‘cays’ as they are called here in Exuma. So why should you consider a trip to Exuma? The reasons are endless, but here you will find some of the most notable reasons why this should be the next destination on your travel list!

The Exuma chain is made up of 365 tiny little islands called ‘cays’. Pronounced ‘keys’ like the Florida Keys (or your car keys) for example, many of these small islands are uninhabited, and celebrities and famous individuals alike are scooping them up and developing them for their own personal hideaways.

The main islands are Great Exuma and Little Exuma. Check out our blog on Little Exuma island here ---> 

Since Little Exuma island has a blog posting, so should Great Exuma island, as it has so much to offer and this is where most visitors to the island(s) spend their time!

Landmarks and Attractions

Being one of the major settlements in Exuma, Georgetown is where many visitors and locals check out the shops, head to the markets, and do their day-to-day shopping. Hideaways offers a shuttle to and from Georgetown to allow guests the ability to explore this charming little city in Great Exuma.


Being one of the major settlements in Exuma, Georgetown is where many visitors and locals check out the shops, head to the markets, and do their day-to-day shopping. Hideaways offers a shuttle to and from Georgetown to allow guests the ability to explore this charming little city in Great Exuma

The Exuma Land and Sea Park

Quite literally one of a kind, as this is the first park of its type in the entire world. The park is a protected area and boasts ample wildlife and a breathtaking marine environment

Elizabeth Harbour

This Harbour is special for many reasons. It is home to the Family Island Regatta where sail boats race annually. It is also one of the largest natural Harbours in the world, with calm, shallow water offering the occasional sea turtle or dolphin sighting, as well as boasting beautiful coral reefs and other aquatic life. Hideaways guests are particularly lucky, as many of their villas and cottages look out and open right up to Elizabeth Harbour. They also have the added luxury of relaxing on Hideaway’s private beach which is situated right on the Elizabeth Harbour shore line. You don’t want to miss out on these spectacular views


As various times throughout the year, Exuma hosts a number of Regatta’s which are a big attraction for tourists and locals alike. Watch the sailing races in the pristine waters of Exuma.


Interested in seeing some beautifully old architecture? These churches are filled with history dating back to the 1800’s.

• St. Andrew’s Anglican Church – dating back to the year 1802 when it was built, this church is situated conveniently with views of both Lake Victoria and Elizabeth Harbour.

• St. Christopher’s Anglican Church – remaining the smallest church in Exuma, St. Christopher’s Anglican Church was built in 1939

Pompey Memorial and Jail Ruins

Where Pompey and 77 men and women led the heroic rebellion, starting the anti-slavery movement in the Bahamas.
Located down the road from the quite town of Steventon, this piece of history is worth visiting. Learn about the history of Pompey and have the opportunity to see a beautiful tribute statue which has been placed to remember the sacrifices made


No matter which direction you look, as Great Exuma is a small island, you are likely to see water. Therefore, there are beaches, well, everywhere! And majority of them are breathtaking. To narrow it down for you, these are some of the must-see beaches while visiting Great Exuma.

Jolly Hall Beach

Jolly Hall Beach is a secluded and quiet crescent shaped beach, perfect for a relaxing day or a night time visit under moonlight.

Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Beach is a breathtaking beach, with sand bars as far out as the eye can see during low tide. The water is shallow, crystal clear, and filled with sand dollars. This beach is a top pick while visiting Great Exuma.

Hideaways Private Beach

If you are a guest of Hideaways, you have direct access to our pristine, white sand beach, overlooking Elizabeth Harbour. Splash! Bar & Grill is located right on the beach as well with a beautiful view of the turquoise water throughout the day and into the evening. Grab a drink from the bar, a snack to fill you up, and enjoy your time spent at our secluded, private beach.

Three Sisters Beach

This beach is home to the legendary rock trio!

“Town lore explains the appearance of the rocks after three heart broken sisters drowned swimming out to sea to their wayfaring loves.”

Coco Plum Beach

On the north end of Great Exuma is Coco Plum Beach, a spot that has become renowned for its shelling and the wonderful sand dollars you can find here, especially during low tide. After you finish searching for shells, find you way under the shade provided by one of the many palm trees dotting the coast.


Georgetown is likely your best bet for visiting the shops. Here you will find grocery markets, art galleries, bakeries, gift stores, clothing stores, and many other unique boutique shops.
Exuma Market offers a wide range of foods including fresh produce, meats, cheeses, dairy, and much more. This market is the spot of choice for picking up all of your necessities for your stay in Exuma.

The market hours are as follows:

> Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
> Thursday – Saturday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
> Sunday: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
> Closed on Holidays

Looking for Souvenir’s? Check out Tropical Accents & Gifts,Top II Bottom or the local Straw Market while in Georgetown.


Although not exactly on Great Exuma island, there are a lot of very exciting tours that you can take from Great Exuma and have the opportunity to experience some of the most sought after activities in Exuma. From swimming with the pigs, to visiting the iguanas, to snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and so much more, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to step off the island and explore some of these incredible adventures while you are vising Great Exuma!

• Stocking island
• Stocking island mystery cave – snorkeling and scuba diving
• Thunderball Grotto
• Allan’s Cay Iguanas
• Swimming Pigs – Major Cay
• Nurse Sharks
• Musha Cay Sandbar
• Bird Watching Tours

Your Hideaways representative or concierge service will be able to assist guests in choosing the best tours for their own unique interests, as well as recommend the best tour operators and prices.

Dining and Nightlife

Splash! Bar & Grill

For guests of Hideaways, as well as visitors and locals, Splash! Bar & Grill is one of the best spots for dining, drinks, and entertainment on Great Exuma island. Featuring many drink specials and unique concoctions, a wide and varied menu with ample local dishes and western style food, swing style seating surrounding the bar, and a magnificent view of Elizabeth Harbor from its patio, Splash! is a dining spot worth visiting!

The Fish Fry

Tourists and locals love the Fish Fry on Great Exuma island, and it is recommended as one of the top things to see and do while visiting Exuma. The Fish Fry features a number of different fish fry stalls, all offering their own unique dishes and drinks. Visit one, two, or all of them. Some of the stalls you will find are Aces, Big 12 Sports Bar, Charlie’s Restaurant and Bar, Honey Dew, The Out Deck, and Tino’s Deck. We highly recommend Shirley’s for the grouper fingers and Charlie’s for Karaoke.


Latitudes at Exuma Beach Resort

Latitudes is a great place to end your night as they offer bar service, live entertainment, dancing, and an all around good time.

Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire is one of the islands most romantic and recommended restaurants. With breathtaking views of the sunset and a delicious menu, as well as live music a couple nights a week, tables book up quickly.
Live entertainment is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation, preferably for an ideal time to watch the sun go down along the horizon

Chat ‘N’ Chill is a fun dining experience located on Stocking Island. Visit it by water taxi or during a day trip to Stocking Island. Either way, you will find Chat ‘N’ Chill to have great food and drinks, and great views of the beach and ocean. Get swept away in that tropical breeze with a cold beverage in your hand. Join the restaurant on Sunday nights to enjoy a traditional Bahamian style pig roast, and pick up a souvenir at the shop on your way out

Club Peace & Plenty

Overlooking Elizabeth Harbour from Stocking Island, Club Peace & Plenty chose its name after Lord Denys Rolle, as he set sail for Exuma on the English trading ship named Peace and Plenty in the year 1783. What a great way to honor him. Club Peace & Plenty is home to two bars; The Pool Bar, and the Old Slave Kitchen Bar. Evening entertainment often includes live music, dancing, and karaoke. Mix and mingle with other tourists as well as the locals, as this is a hot spot for everyone to spend their evenings!