The 365 Exuma Cays make up the Exuma Islands as a whole, spanning across a 250 km distance. We are well acquainted with the largest of the cays, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, as well as many of the more popular ones that have become residence to many Exuma locals and tourist hot spots for vacationers.

As we have seen, these Cays get the most press. However, did you know that many of the Cay’s are owned by some pretty famous people as well? It’s no wonder, with how beautiful these little islands are, that they quickly became a celebrity hot spot to call home-away-from-home for some of Hollywood’s most notable figures.


So, who are some of these lucky stars who have made these pristine beaches, turquoise water, white sand paradises their own?

At a glance, here are some of the most notable names for Exuma Cay ownership *drum roll please*….

Name: Johnny Depp

It’s only fitting that Mr. Depp would purchase one of these islands, as scenes from some of his most famous movies were filmed here! How could you not fall in love with the landscape?  


Cay: Little Hall’s Pond Cay

You might be wondering how he arrives at his secluded cay. Not only does he own this gorgeous piece of land, the chariot that he rides aboard to access it is quite a gem itself. Johnny’s yacht is a 156-foot, steam powered boat, with the Jolly Roger flag flying alongside its own official flag. Talk about arriving in style to his luxurious and relaxing, private island.

Name: Tyler Perry

Next up, we’ve got the loveable and hilarious Tyler Perry.  Tyler got crafty (well, many of these island dwellers did, but we will give the credit to Tyler for this one) by having a private airway landing on his private island, so he can fly there directly with little to no attention.

Cay: White Bay Cay

Tyler Perry has big plans for White Bay Cay! When all is said and done, White Bay Cay will be home to a 14,000 square foot home, numerous guest bungalows, a spa, tennis court, and marina.


Name: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Third on the list, we have Country Music heart throbs, Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw.

Cay: Goat Cay

Unlike some of the other private islands that have been purchased by celebrities and other individuals alike, Goat Cay is said to be fully developed. Although it shares the similarity of access to beautiful, white sand, turquoise water beaches with its neighboring islands, Goat Cay also has many nature trails to explore and absorb the natural beauty of life on the island. What more could you ask for?

Name: David Copperfield

Adding a little spice to the mix, number four on the list is David Copperfield. Why spice? Well, being a notable Magician certainly makes things a bit more interesting!

Cay: Musha Cay

Although David Copperfield owns multiple private islands in the Bahama’s, Musha Cay is the only one that houses a private resort for rent. With a price tag matching the luxuriousness of this breathtaking island and resort, Musha Cay rents for $37,000 per day and can accommodate up to twelve guests. Seems reasonable, right?

Name: John Travolta

John Travolta makes a point of being a bit more secretive about his private island. However, one known tid bit of info is that it is large enough to house his private Boeing 707 (that he flies himself!). You go, John Travolta. You deserve it.


Name: Sir Richard Branson

Perhaps one of the ‘original buyers’ as he purchased over 30 years ago. One of his most notable guests was Princess Diana.

Cay: Necker Cay

You, too, can spend a week or more on his private island, as he rents out both rooms and the entire island itself. Minimum price for a one-week stay is $31,675 per couple. Not bad!

Name: Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Cay: Rooster Cay

Eddie Murphy’s private island is another of the fully developed Cay’s in Exuma. Judging from this photo, it is absolutely breath taking.

Name: Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is the proud owner of his private island, Leaf Cay, which is situated not too far from his neighbors, Johnny Depp, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

Cay: Leaf Cay

Nicolas Cage’s private island is home to several buildings, some of which are luxury hotels for the rich and famous (and/or you?) to visit.

If the rich and famous are buying up the Cay’s, that must mean that Exuma is a secret gem that has come out of the woodwork, waiting for your visit.

If you are not interested in paying $37,000+ to stay at one of these private island rentals, hop on one of Exuma’s exciting tours and you will pass many of them along your journey! The Four C’s tour operator, for example, has tours that will bring you past some of these remarkable islands, and some right up close and personal.