5. August 2014

Many visitors from the Northern Hemisphere look to the Bahamas when temperatures plunge, but what about a summer holiday on the beaches in Great Exuma? The August weather may be comparable to that back home, but there are numerous things to do to make your family vacation worthy of a stellar back-to-school essay.

Here are ideas for various age groups:

  • Young’uns and the young at heart. Right off the beach at Chat N Chill, there are tame, friendly rays you can pet and feed. Summer also brings dolphins with greater regularity. We love to see our favorite “Nicki” (so named because of the nick in her dorsal fin) with a new baby or two in tow. If you’ve considered Sea World, interacting with these creatures in their natural environment is even more amazing!
  • Able swimmers. Well protected Elizabeth Harbor offers easy snorkeling opportunities for children (and adults) ready to plunge their faces under water. Rainbow parrotfish, waving fan coral, sea turtles, and more make for a watercolor seascape come to life. Consider bringing a waterproof camera—even a disposable one—to capture the experience. You can rent a boat here or schedule snorkel trips (equipment included) here.
  • Teen adventurers. Older kids may relish the chance to learn or show their skill at kitesurfing. Not sure what that is? Check out this video.
  • Any age or ability. Consider a day tour to Staniel Cay. Most packages include a scenic speedboat trip along the island chain, a chance to see swimming pigs, and a plunge amidst tame fish at Thunderball Grotto. There’s something for everyone! See herehere, or here for details from various tour operators.

For parents who need enough left over for school clothes and supplies, Exuma offers many cost-saving options. Among them are our Hideaways Hillside rentals—all the benefits of a great location in a simple, affordable weekly package. We’ve posted articles with tips and ideas for budget-friendly and family vacations, so check them out. And don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.