Every location has its annual events and Exuma is no different. The Exuma Islands have many annual traditions including festivals, regattas, homecomings, and more! These successful annual traditions have been going on for many years, and each year they bring beauty and enjoyment to all of their attendees. This summer is no different! Having a look at the next few months, there are a number of great events for you to enjoy solo, with your significant other, with friends, family, or all of the above!
As many of you have seen or heard, the 63rd National Family Island Regatta just passed this last week, and was it ever a hit (as usual)! Five days of sailing races took place at Elizabeth Harbour. This regatta is one of the oldest annual traditions in Exuma, which initially started in 1954. Keep this event in mind for next year, but don’t worry…. if you like sailing and races, there are still opportunities to see both in Exuma.

In addition to the National Family Island Regatta, and coming up in the near future, are some other great annual Exuma events and traditions

Calendar of Events in Exuma May - June - July

May Events

May 6, 2017 – Farmer’s Cay Conch Jamboree

Have you ever tried Conch? Are you asking yourself what on Earth this is? You probably aren’t alone in your curiosity. However, you might be familiar with the Conch shell as it is a common shell used for home décor as well as being known for blowing into to make a loud noise.
Inside that shell lives an aquatic species which is a local favorite food in Exuma and the Bahamas. You can enjoy dishes such as conch fritters, conch salad, conch chowder, and the list goes on.
While vising the Farmer’s Cay Conch Jamboree, you can do just that. You can try all of the different kinds of conch recipes that Bahamians enjoy on a daily basis.
If you are looking to try something new and want to try it to its fullest extent, the Farmer’s Cay Conch Jamboree could be an exciting place for you!

May 19, 2017 to May 21, 2017 – Barraterre Homecoming Festival & Regatta

If you missed the National Family Island Regatta, you still have the opportunity to experience three days of sailing at the Barraterre Homecoming Festival and Regatta. This event has been filled with love, laughter, and unity for over 30 years. Come on down to the end of the island and enjoy some tasty Bahamian dishes, native crafts, and enjoy both Rake and Scrape music and the Marching Band. In addition, there will be a Talent Show taking place as well as many games including Hoopla, quadrille dancing, and plaiting of the Maypole. These are only a few of the adventures you will have at the Barraterre Homecoming Festival and Regatta, so you won’t want to miss out on this fun and exciting experience!

June Events

June 2, 2017 – Labour Day Fair
Being held at the St. Margaret Anglican Church, the Labour Day Fair will be celebrated by locals and visitors alike. This is a great family event which will include Bahamian food dishes and lots of games. Although the Labour Day Parade takes place in Nassau, many residents on the surrounding islands celebrate Labour Day by hosting fairs such as this, and spending the day relaxing with family or hanging out on the beach!
June 2, 2017 – Ramsey Homecoming Festival
Loving that Bahamian food? Head on over to Ramsey to celebrate Ramsey Homecoming Festival! Here you will experience and enjoy authentic Bahamian dishes including crab and rice, macaroni and cheese, baked chicken, and lots more! In addition to the food, there will be musical entertainment as well as fun and games. The Ramsey Homecoming Festival is family friendly and features a kiddie corner where your young ones can play. Bring the whole family and enjoy some local eats, games, and music under the hot Bahamian sun.

July Events

July 7, 2017 – July 9, 2017 – Stuart Manor Homecoming Festival

If you are interested in music and art, you won’t want to miss the Stuart Manor Homecoming Festival! A concert will be held Friday evening and the festival is set to feature national and local artists. After a night of the arts, you can wake up Saturday morning and watch a bike race take place from Ramsey to Stuart Manor. After the race has been won, the day will continue on with family friendly activities at the park. Your young ones especially will have the opportunity to enjoy bouncy castles, while you all enjoy competitions, raffle drawings, a fashion show, and prizes. Food and beverages will be plenty! Just another opportunity for you to enjoy the local cuisine. Wake up Sunday morning and have the option to attend the church service, and finish the weekend off with a picnic at the beach in the afternoon. The Stuart Manor Homecoming Festival will provide you and your family with an entire weekend of enjoyment.
July 10, 2017 – Rolle Town Homecoming Festival
Yes, another homecoming festival! If you haven’t already had the pleasure of experiencing the Bahamian hospitality, this festival would be a great place to do so. The Rolle Town Homecoming Festival is a reunion of family and friends, which makes it a great place for you to spend time with yours! As seen with the other festivals mentioned, the Rolle Town Homecoming Festival will be filled with games including dominoes, hoopla, egg and spoon, sack races, old school dance, onion peeling, and conch cracking competitions. Why not check it out? Not many people can say they have been to a conch cracking competition, so here is the perfect opportunity for you to return home with a unique story to tell. As always, delicious food and drinks will be available for your enjoyment.

July 10, 2017 – Full Moon Beer Festival
Well, the name of the festival speaks for itself! Starting in the evening, this festival is a great way to conclude your busy day. The Full Moon Beer Festival is held for you and your party to enjoy July’s full moon and have some beverages while doing so. Head on over to Farmer’s Cay to unwind, and have an enjoyable evening watching the full moon light up the sky with a beer (or two) in your hand(s)! Food will also be available, so you don’t have to worry about going on an empty stomach!