Hey, Wait… What about the Flight?

Travel Tips & Tricks for an Enjoyable Flight

We, as travellers, spend quite a bit of time putting our travel plans together. From picking the destination, to choosing our excursions and tours, down to meals, drinks, and how we are going to get around while we are there. Yep, we spend a lot of time planning the small and big details to ensure we have a great vacation and make the most of the time we have while there!

>> But what about the flight?

Getting to our destination is a big part of the trip! The travel portion of your trip alone can determine how your vacation starts out. So, why not spend a bit of time making sure that getting to your destination is as pain free as possible?
We all know flights can be a bore. Not only a bore, they can be tight, squishy, hot, cold, long, short, you name it. No matter the airline or duration, there are some standard tips and tricks that can apply to all flights to make your ride that much smoother.

Booking your flight

At the time of booking, check out the airline’s current deals on upgrades! You might find you can get a roomier seat and extra perks such as free champagne, a travel kit, and priority boarding for a nominal upgrade fee.

Tip: at the time of your check-in, if the flight hasn’t sold out in business class or a higher seating class, you can often times get these bigger seats with bigger perks at a highly discounted price, as the airline wants to sell them out! Just pay the upgrade fee.

>> Seat Selection – AKA one less thing to worry about at check-in

Some airlines offer you the option to do seat selection for free at the time of booking. This is highly recommended as it means you don’t need to worry about checking in the minute you are allowed to, in order to ensure your party gets seats together. If this isn’t a free option on your flight, majority of flights still offer a seat selection option at the time of booking, for a fee. If you are comfortable with the fee, this is a great way to take a bit of stress off when the date comes for you to check in and get prepared for travel.

Flight Has Been Booked… Now What?

Take a few minutes to prepare yourself for the most enjoyable flight experience. After all, you want to start your trip off right, and not land at your destination in a grumpy mood due to poor travel!

>> Tips on Clothing

Wear something comfortable!

Have you ever noticed that the airport seems to have its own dress code? Where else can you show up in comfy sweats, an airplane pillow wrapped around your neck, and a drink in hand at 8:00 AM? Take advantage of this. Comfort is key for travel.

Leggings, sweat pants, comfy shorts, sweaters, sneakers… these are all great for flying

>> Traveling Somewhere Warmer Than Your Departure City?

You want to get to the airport in appropriate clothing for the weather in the city you are departing from. But what happens when you land at your tropical, 30 degrees’ Celsius destination, and you’re sporting your winter parka and those warm ugg boots? A whole lot of carrying those heavy items around. That’s what.

So instead, layer up! Wearing a light jacket with a sweater underneath means you can take those layers off when you are on the plane or at your destination’s airport, and doing so will prevent you having to pack around your heavy coat while you are on vacation.

Bringing a carry on bag is great. You can dress warm for your flight and pack a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and some flip flops in your bag for your arrival. Change on the plane! This way, you will land in appropriate clothing for the hot, tropical climate without sweating your butt off.

>> Airplanes Can be so Cold & Uncomfortable!


Not like that…… jewelry and bling aren’t really essential for flying, but hey, you do you.

A quick search on the net will show you so many great travel and/or flying accessories, many of which will make your long flights so much more comfortable.

Tip: many of your local super markets will have cheap, fleece blankets that take up very little space in a carry on. Grab one of these and plan to bring it on your flight! It is a great way to keep warm on your flight and weighs very little in your bag.

And hey, why not throw a pair of warm, cozy socks in your bag for the plane? Lots of people like to take their shoes off while they are seated, but if you are wearing flats, sandals, or any other type of footwear that doesn’t require socks, then your feet might get cold! Packing some socks means you can travel in comfort and keep cozy as well.

Blow up travel pillows are great space savers and there are so many different styles. No matter how you prefer to rest or sleep on a plane, you are sure to find a style that works for you. Since you can fold them up when you aren’t using them, they take up much less space than stuffed pillows. This helps with space in your carry on to make more room for other essentials.

>> Need Some Ideas to Get You Started?

Check out these great items that can be thrown in your carry on, weigh little, and take up a small amount of space!

Tip: if you travel with a spouse, family member, or friend, and enjoy watching movies together on the plane, a headphone splitter is a great travel accessory to have!

>> Hungry Travellers

Most airlines allow pre-packaged foods on the flight and these can be packed from home and clear through security. Things like granola bars, cookies, chips, nuts, crackers, etc., can be packed in your carry on to avoid buying them at the airport or on the airline. Make sure they are un-opened before passing through security. 



>> For Adult Indulgers

Want a sip of something on your flight, but don’t want to pay the airline prices? Stock up on mini baileys bottles at the liquor store and pop them in your carry on! Add to your coffee once you are on the plane, sit back, and relax! As long as they are under the max amount for a liquid, you are good to go. Not a Bailey’s fan? Not a problem. There are tons of different types/brands to choose from. 

Traveling with little ones?

This is a whole different ball park, isn’t it? Not only do you have yourself to worry about, you also have your little ones to think about too. Don’t stress! Travelling with children can be done!

Tip: create your own ‘kid survival kit’ for the plane. Filling a backpack with kid friendly essentials and a variety of entertainment items will help keep your child engaged. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  • Pre load or download shows and movies from Netflix to a tablet, phone, or other device to keep your kids entertained
  • Make them airplane safe crafts that they can create while traveling to keep their hands and minds busy
  • Coloring books and crayons are a great source of entertainment
  • Window stickers that peel off easily are great for decorating their window! Just make sure they are the kind that remove easily.
  • A spare change of clothes
  • Books to read
  • Hand wipes for messy clean ups

You know your child best, so pack some of their favorite toys, items, and activities to keep them busy and entertained on the flight. This will help you have a more enjoyable flight as well!