Dive Exuma has earned the prestigious PADI 5 Star Dive Resort status and provides the ultimate experience in which safety and service are the top priorities. From beginner scuba discovery courses to more advanced 1- and 2-tank excursions, plentiful options exist for divers of every skill level.


Resort Discover Scuba—The first step for a new diver is the pool. An experienced instructor will acquaint you with the scuba equipment. Then you’ll take your first breaths underwater, gaining comfort and confidence in your new skills.

Open Water Discover Scuba Diving—With pool-based training complete, you’re ready to experience the thrill of breathing in the ocean. Paired with your instructor, you’ll explore placid waters off Stocking Island where beautiful reefs and colorful varieties of fish, turtles, and other sea life are on view.


Explore a variety of reef structures and underwater habitats with Dive Exuma’s standard 1- and 2-tank dive trips. Specialty dives are also available by request and can encompass:

•Blue hole explorations—The Bahamas is home to the worlds’ only tidal blue holes in the world, underwater caves so called because of their dark blue coloration when viewed from above. Dive trips can explore Crab Cay Crevasse, Angelfish Blue Hole, and Mystery Cave, famous for a Jacques Cousteau exploration that proved its link to an inland blue hole. Horse-eye jacks, humpheaded parrotfish, snappers, Atlantic spadefish, eagle rays, turtles, and other sea life are routinely present.

•Wrecks. Venture out to the Comberback Wreck, a 110-foot sunken freighter located between Long Island and Conception Island. Or stay closer to home at the “The Tug,” which was sunk in 2005 to create an artificial reef. Sponges and corals have now encrusted the tug and it houses Nassau grouper, Caribbean spiny lobster, and a green moray eel. Schools of horse-eye and bar jacks, barracuda, blue chromis, parrotfish, spotted drums, French grunts, and schoolmasters are regularly glimpsed, with permit and mackerel making less frequent appearances.

•Shark discovery. Shark Reef, home to 10 to 20 gray reef sharks, which are not fed or baited, is a key component of the Long Island dive trip. As well as your experience with the sharks, you’ll enjoy the beauty of a reef in pristine condition with an abundance of fish species.

•Night dives. See the difference of the Bahamian waters at night, when a new variety of sealife comes alive. Available at locations you have previously dove by day.