21. May 2013

When visiting a new place, many of us want to avoid sounding like a bumbling tourist. Of course, the people of the Exumas are exceptionally welcoming and will happily introduce you to their culture and favorite phrases. But for the over-achiever, here are three words that, said correctly, can make you sound like you didn’t come here, you’re from here:

1. Cay
The Bahamas are composed of a series of islands—or cays. Although spelled differently, the Bahamian “cay” is pronounced exactly the same as the Florida “Key.” Keeeeee.
2. Conch
This tasty slug has a beautiful shell, from which it is nearly impossible for the less skilled to extract him. (That’s a whole different lesson.) When ordering, remember that both ends are hard “k” sounds. Conch rhymes with “honk.” Beep beep, he’s good.
3. Reach
When you live on an island, the comings and goings of family, friends, and soon-to-be-friends is of utmost importance. When you get here, we say you “done reach.” Ignore the grammar. Accept the welcome!
With these words, you’re well on your way to becoming a local Exumian. Here at Hideaways Exuma Resort, we’ll be waiting for you when you reach.