21. March 2013
Tips for Boat Rentals

Elizabeth Harbour is the Caribbean’s largest natural protected harbor, so you can’t go wrong by renting a boat [link to boat rentals] and seeing this treasure. Here are a few things you can do to make your day safer and easier:

· Test your radio before you go. Gain confidence with a quick radio check. Most stations monitor channel 16. Once you make contact, select and switch to a different channel (using the up/down buttons on the radio face) to keep 16 clear for hailing and emergency traffic.

· Remember the tide. Exuma tides range from 1 to 3+ feet depending on the lunar cycle, so keep that in mind before pulling your boat onto a beach. You might return to find yourself high and dry! Instead, try anchoring off or tie up to one of Hideaways Exuma’s complimentary mooring balls any time of day or overnight.

· Use a stern anchor. Deploying an anchor off the back of the will help keep your boat from floating up onto a beach or under a dock. Toss it out as you approach and then pull to get it to set in the sand.

· Note wind changes and monitor the horizon. Exuma tends to be pretty idyllic, but a sudden change in wind direction or increase in speed can mean a squall is coming. The good news, weather here is easy to see—just look for a dark cloud on the horizon and consider making your way toward shore if they sky looks black or you see rain falling.

Once safety is taken care of, you’ll be comfortable exploring some of the great places to see by boat—and we’ll let you in on some of our favorites in a future post. Interested in a Bahamian boat adventure? Feel free to contact the hotel front desk for more information and assistance with rentals and tour planning.

Returning guests…what boating destinations would you recommend?