Bird watching, you say? Yep! For those of you who call yourselves birders, from novice to pro, be prepared to revel in all of the species of birds the Exuma islands and cays have to offer.
Exuma consists of over 365 cays, and between these 365 cays including Great Exuma and Little Exuma island, there are around 125 species of birds taking up residence. For those of you who want to get real adventurous and go off the main island to search for these beautiful creatures, you can rent a boat (or use your own, as yachts tend to travel in these waters throughout the year), and boat along the cays with your binoculars to see what you can spot.

For the Self-Guided Birder

While on vacation, or here just for the birds, many individuals set off of their own accord in search of the island’s many beautiful bird species, and very few go home disappointed. The Bahama Islands are home to some of the most spectacular birds, many of which can be found right on the Exuma Islands. If you are looking to stay on the islands so as to have access to a rental vehicle, bus, or taxi service, be sure to check out these locations:

Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

This national park is 13,400 acres, and is a vital part of the ecosystem between the Great Exuma and Little Exuma islands. It is a protected coastal zone home to many different species of wildlife and habitats. Visitors will have the chance of seeing many different birds and nests while visiting this national park.

Birds to watch for:

- Gull-Billed Tern
- Least Tern
- Antillean Nighthawk
- Plover
- American Oystercatcher
- Osprey

> Grog Pond

Grog Pound is located on Great Exuma island. It is an inland wetland boasting many different species of birds. This pond is considered one of the notable bird watching areas in Exuma.

Birds to watch for:

- West Indian Whistling Duck (Vulnerable Species)
- White Crowned Pigeon (Near Threatened Species)
- Laughing Gull
- Gull-Billed Tern
- Least Tern
- Bahama Mocking Bird
- Thick-billed Vireo

> Sandals Hotel

The Sandals Hotel on Great Exuma has its own golf course, where many ponds can be found. In and around these ponds are a variety of birds. You can golf and check out the bird scene!

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The first land and sea park in the world, with some of the most spectacular marine environment. Keep your eyes peeled for birds, especially along the water

In and Around Exuma

If you are driving or walking around the islands, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as your travel down the road, or beside the water. Ponds, salina’s, and tidal flats at low tide attract many of Exuma’s birds and can be seen throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to wonder off the beaten path and explore.

Other birds to watch for:

- White-cheeked Pintail
- Zenaida Dove
- Bahama Woodstar
- Bananaquit
- Black-faced Grassquit
- Greater Antillean Bullfinch

For the Birder Preferring a Guided Tour

What better way to see the birds of Exuma than with a guide who knows where to find them?

Guides are a great way to take in the beautiful sights of Exuma while seeing many of the species that reside on the islands. Depending on the guide service and the packages they offer, you may even be able to explore the Exuma Cay’s and see birds in areas you would otherwise not have seen.
The following are a couple of Bird

Watching Guides recommended in Exuma:

  • Dorcas Shuttleworth
  • Exuma Cays Adventures – with Peter Burrows

Bird Watchers Check List Here