13. September 2013

Santana’s, Manor Bakery & Tropic of Cancer Beach

There are a number of packaged tours, but for Hideaways Exuma guests who like to strike out on their own, we’ll be using this occasional series to suggest some fun itineraries. A car rental [link to rental car page] is necessary for today’s line-up, but it’s well worth it to combine a secluded beach with a knockout meal and a little something to bring back to your cottage or villa.

Leave Hideaways Exuma a little bit before lunchtime—whatever that means for you. 11:30 to 1 PM, maybe.

· First stop: Santana’s
Getting there is easy. Head south from Hideaways Exuma along the Queen’s Highway for about 20 miles. On the left, you’ll find an open-air tiki bar called Santana’s. This is your dining destination. Mom’s daughter (of “Mom’s bakery”) grew up cooking, and you’ll get the day’s offering of unbelievable Bahamian specialties—lobster, grouper, snapper, chicken, or whatever else is on the menu. Usually paired with native peas and rice and mac ‘n cheese or slaw, the entrees are nothing if not filling. And did we mention tasty?

· Second Stop: Manor Bakery a.k.a. “Mom’s”
Formerly known as Mom’s, Manor Bakery is located just next door to Santana’s. After you’ve finished an amazing lunch, step inside for some fresh bread and desserts. It’s Bahamian baking at its best. Grab a few slices of coconut bread for tomorrow. You’ll thank us for it!

· Third stop: Tropic of Cancer Beach

You could certainly waste an afternoon at Santana’s and Manor, but on your way back consider stopping at Tropic of Cancer beach, located (you guessed it!) right on the Tropic of Cancer. You’ll find the sign on the right a few miles north of Santana’s. You’ll usually have this crescent, white-sand beach to yourself, except on holidays and weekends. A covered picnic table is available if you skipped Sanatana’s lunch. The rocky overhang has some sea life to view at slack tide, but the real attraction is the beach. A photo simply can’t convey….
An alternative is to hit the beach early with some sandwiches from Prime Island Meats & Deli. Tour Manor Bakery before closing time and enjoy Santana’s for an evening meal. Whichever way you do it, you won’t be disappointed. Just be aware the bakery is closed weekends and Santana’s is closed Sundays. Can we recommend a Friday adventure?
For maps, hours of operation, and menus, ask at the Hideaways Exuma hotel desk and we’ll confirm everything before you make the trek.