21. July 2013

For everyone in Exuma—whether in to fishing or not—August 1 marks a key date. It’s the beginning of lobster season, and that means some tasty “bugs,” as these crustaceans are lovingly known, will soon be available. Any longtime Exumian (and most restaurants) freeze a few to get through the off season. But as with most seafood, it’s best fresh.

Actually more closely related to the Louisiana crawfish than to its distant cousin from Maine, Bahamian lobster is quite a treat. Like Bubba in the Forest Gump movie, we could list a number of preparations—from cracked lobster (fried with an egg-based coating) to pressure-steamed with a Maryland-crab inspired seasoning mix. (Can you tell we’re getting excited?) In the hot weather months and with lobster only minutes from the water, we prefer a simple treatment outside on the grill. Here’s an oh-so-easy but never-wrong recipe:

2 lobster tails
2+ T olive oil
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
Salt & pepper

1. Turn the tails belly-up. With a large, sharp knife, split each tail in half lengthwise so it opens butterfly-style.
2. Rub open side of each tail with olive oil and sprinkle on your seasonings (olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper…or mix up something different).
3. Grill meat-side down for approximately 3 minutes at 375 degrees (F) to sear, then flip shell-side down and continue grilling 8 minutes until done.
4. Remove from the heat and serve.

Can’t find Bahamian lobster where you are? You can substitute the Maine version, but your best bet is a Great Exuma vacation! We’re enjoying breezy conditions for late summer, which have kept beach days comfortable and made the evenings downright perfect. Plus, it’s the quiet season, so we have some *excellent deals on accommodations* [link to $59 deal]. But don’t dally, Hideaways Exuma closes for hurricane season on August 30.
Let us know in the comments, how do you like your lobster?