Vacationers hoping to rent a villa on Great Exuma have numerous choices, so selecting the right location can be daunting. Among the most basic considerations is whether you would prefer a private home or a resort-based villa location. Here are some questions to help you weigh the alternatives:

  • How large a group will you have? Large, private villas often present a great value equation for big groups of family or friends—as long as you’re happy to pile in. On the other hand, most resorts on Great Exuma have a limited selection of villas of three bedrooms or more. But with advanced planning, adjacent or nearby rentals can give you the advantages of a large-group vacation with some added privacy. It’s all about who you want to see you before your coffee in the morning!
  • What on-site amenities do you expect? Choice of amenities runs the gamut here. If a rent-from-owner villa is located within a planned community, you are more likely to find a pool, tennis court, and other features. Stand-alone homes generally do not have access to such perks. Unlike in Florida, for example, pools are rare, which can be a key consideration for families with amphibious kids. Resort rentals will also vary, but on-site pool, restaurant, fitness room, etc., are widely available.
  • Where will you go to the beach? Great Exuma has a lot of rocky shoreline, great for water views but less enticing for sunbathing and swimming. If all-day access to a sandy beach is important to you, make sure you ask. For the less beach-obsessed, a boat or car rental can take you to any number of beautiful spots for the day
  • How will you get around? When going private, you should assume that a rental car will be necessary for the duration of your stay, just to access dining, shopping, and beach-going opportunities. Depending on how often you will be out and about, resorts’ shuttle services and on-site amenities can save you money here and translate into less time behind the wheel.
  • What level of service and security do you prefer? What happens if you lock your keys in your villa? What if you want dry-cleaning pickup and drop off? Who should you call for local recommendations? Many private rentals will leave you on your own, with only a maintenance company phone number to call for questions or problems within the home. Wait times vary for things like leaky pipes or broken appliances. If you prefer full concierge and front-desk service, on-site maintenance, and 24/7 security, a resort villa rental is probably more up your alley.

Hideaways is pleased to offer two “flavors” of villa rentals here on Great Exuma. Our Beachfront Hotel includes 1- and 2-bedroom villas, many of them waterfront, as well as full-service luxury. Our Hillside weekly rentals are structured timeshare-style, but still carry access to resort amenities, including pools and watersports equipment.

Especially Hillside, you might be surprised just how affordable a Hideaways Villa Rental can be! Click the links to check out our Beachfront and Hillside accommodations