• Snorkeling

You don't need scuba gear to see some of the best coral structures and most spectacular undersea life in the Bahamas.

The waters surrounding Great Exuma are known for shallow reefs—many under 20 feet—that are easily accessible by snorkelers.

With only mask, snorkel, and fins, you’ll see brain coral, towering stag coral, purple sea fans, colorful parrot fish, red starfish, and much more.

Equipment is provided and trips are appropriate for individuals of any skill level.

Start your exploration of Elizabeth Habour’s beautiful underwater environment now! This interactive Google Earth map shows the locations where mooring buoys are available for you to use when visiting the most popular snorkeling sites by small boat. Click on the yellow moorings for more information about each snorkeling spot like what you can see there, best tide and weather conditions for visiting, and interesting facts. Also on the map, you will find red markers that show the locations and contact information for the local businesses that support the maintenance of the snorkeling buoys. Enjoy!