Snorkeling in Exuma

If you love snorkeling, you will love Exuma! Exuma has some incredible snorkeling sites for you to explore during your stay. As the Exuma waters are known for their shallow corals, you will experience the most notable coral structures and exquisite undersea life in the Bahamas, right beneath your fingers. Many of these shallow reefs are under twenty-feet, making them perfect for novice or young snorkelers as well.

The Exuma Cays

What you can Expect to See

With simple equipment including a mask, snorkel, and fins, you will become one with your surroundings and experience how and where the beautiful sea creatures live. You can expect to see structures and fish including

  • Brain Coral
  • Towering Stag Coral
  • Purple Sea Fans
  • Colorful Parrot Fish
  • Red Starfish

And so much more!

The Caribbean waters are filled with stunning and unique fish, and visitors to Exuma experience them in crystal clear, turquoise waters.

Keep your eyes peeled…

It is not unheard of to see sea turtles and dolphins as well, some even as close as Elizabeth Harbour, the pristine body of water right off the private Hideaways beach.

Top Snorkeling Sites in Exuma

Top Snorkeling Sites in Exuma

The following are must-see snorkeling sites in Exuma

Harbour Buoy Portside – Harbour Buoy is home to an overly active coral reef, with plenty of different fish. On the Starboard side, you will find an old ship’s mast, which marks the northern end of the reef. Here, you will find plenty of large brain corals.

Loaded Barrel Reef – A variety of tropical fish call this reef home. Keep your eyes open for large sea beds of staghorn corals.

Jolly Hall – A snorkel site within walking distance from Hideaways, that offers a gorgeous reef. Here you will find many schools of grunts as well as yellowtail snapper.

Liz Lee Shoals – One of the shallower reefs in the Exuma waters, showing off its beautiful brain corals and a variety of soft corals as well.

Duck Cay – Duck Cay has a unique, tiered, reef structure with an array of beautiful colors. Surrounded by plant life and sea life, the vast amount of colors is stunning to say the least.

Towards the northern side you will find an unusual reef formation, home to an array of small fish and lots of schooling snapper nearby.>

Three Sisters – The breathtaking views of the Three Sisters Beach is something to see on its own, however, here you will also find three shallow reefs filled with smaller schools of fish.

Elizabeth Harbour – right off the Hideaways private beach is Elizabeth Harbour, with a beautiful underwater environment for you to explore. Hideaways rents out snorkel equipment to its guests, so you can wander out of your room and right onto the beach to start your exploration without having to leave the property.