Guided Bonefishing

Bonefish in Exumas

Bonefishing in the Exumas

For all of our guests who love to fish and love to vacation, Exuma is the perfect place to do both. The Exuma islands offer a perfect home to bonefish, making it possible for our fish loving friends to enjoy the thrill of catching them while on holiday. The Exuma islands promise ample opportunity to catch bonefish, so you can rest assured that you will not be bored while out on the water. Although, lounging around the ocean on a warm day, relaxing while waiting for your line to move, offers a sort of tranquility in itself. Whatever your speed, we are sure you will enjoy your time spent on the water.


About Bonefish

The Exuma islands may promise a vast amount of bonefish, but do not take this to mean that they are easy fish to catch. Bonefish are smart, fast, and naturally cautious. With their main predator being the barracuda, bonefish are always aware of their surroundings and prepared to take off very quickly at the slightest hint of any danger.

Are you up for the challenge? We hope so! Bonefish offer anglers some of the most exciting action available on a hook, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun.

Bonefishing Guides

Bonefishing Guides

Our guests in Exuma will benefit from the best bonefishing guides in the world, as the Bahamas are boasted for having some of the best bonefishing locations. Whether you are a beginner or experienced fisherman, your guide will ensure that you are looking in the right direction.

Whether you prefer to fish in the shallow waters of the sea, or out on a boat, Exuma bone fishing guides offer ample opportunity for both. Enjoy your time out on the water in a small boat or wading in the shallows with a narrow rod and fly lure.

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Exuma Bonefishing Guide