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Although our guests are situated in the heart of Great Exuma island, there are many other islands that they can explore, and these islands are called ‘cays’. Slightly misleading as the term is spelt with an ‘a’, the Exuma cays are pronounced ‘keys’, much like the Florida Keys.

In total, the Exuma island chain comprises of 365 cays. That amounts to quite a bit of exploration for our guests. Fortunately, there are many incredible Exuma cay tours which guests can enjoy, allowing them to experience the beauty and magnificence of many of these cays.

Did you know….

Many of the Exuma cays are owned by famous celebrities including Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and many other famous individuals alike. By taking part in a tour of the cays, guests have the opportunity to check out some of these islands and see where many of the rich and famous spend their off-time relaxing. And why wouldn’t they? The Exuma islands and cays offer exceptional views of turquoise waters and come complete with a serenity that can be hard to find elsewhere. Its no wonder that so many people want their own piece of paradise in Exuma. During one of these tours, you will soon find out why.

Exuma Cays Adventures

Exuma Cays Adventures

Exuma Cays Adventures is one of our top picks for tour guides and packages in Exuma. With them, you will find both half day and full day tours, including the Exuma Cays Tour, Long Island Tour, Harbour Tour, and their own Deep Sea Fishing Tour. No matter which tour your select, your day will be filled with wonder and amazement at the pristine waters, wildlife, sea life, and of course, island life that you will discover along the way. From gorgeous Bahama birds, to swimming pigs, to starfish, sea turtles, and iguanas, the tours offered by Exuma Cays Adventures will not disappoint.

Exuma Cays Tours

The Harbour Tour

The Harbour tour is a very unique and exciting tour for guests as they embark on a 26 foot, glass bottom boat. The tour explores Elizabeth Harbour, the Harbour which many of our guest properties look out onto, and where they swim at our gorgeous, private beach. The Elizabeth Harbour is one of the most protected harbours in the world, and is great for those who enjoy snorkeling and having the opportunity to see sea turtles, dolphins, and many other exciting aquatic species.

During the Harbour tour, guests will have the opportunity to

  • Snorkel around various sights and coral reefs
  • View the wreck of the freighter Exuma Pride
  • Visit Starfish Beach where many starfish can be found

The Exuma Cays Tour

With this being the most popular tour offered, while exploring the vast amount of Exuma cays, along the way you will

  • See gorgeous beaches and sceneries
  • Pass by the homes and private islands of many of the rich and famous owners
  • Experience and play on large, gorgeous sand bars, some of which have been featured in music videos and other films
  • Enjoy an authentic Bahamian buffet lunch
  • Swim with Nurse Sharks
  • Snorkel around the Grotto underwater cave
  • Visit the swimming pigs
  • Visit the large iguanas at home on their very own cay
  • See a sunken airplane

For More Information

Check out the Exuma Cays Adventures websites for more information on each of these exciting tours available to guests.

Exuma Cays Adventures


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As always, if you have questions about any of the tours, pricing, or if any addition information is required, please contact info@hideawayspalmbay.com.