Kayaking Adventures

Exuma travelers can do guided kayak adventures through third party tour companies. Alternatively, Hideaways guests have the option of using our onsite resort provided kayaks for leisure.

No matter which option you choose, our guests find both adventure and peace while kayaking. Whether you are paddling hard for exercise, racing your friends, looking for sea turtles and other aquatic life, or simply paddling around the shore while listening to the lapping of the waves and the sound of the birds, there is something enjoyable for everyone while out on the water.

Resort Kayaks

Resort Kayaks

You and your family and friends are free to take out our resort provided kayaks at no cost to you. As we are situated along the pristine beach of Elizabeth Harbour, our kayaks are ready to be set forth right off into the crystal clear waters ahead. Elizabeth Harbor is known for its relatively tranquil waters, and kayakers of all skill levels will have a great time paddling around close to the shore, or venturing further out in search of the vast amount of aquatic life that resides in these nearby waters.

Resort Kayaks

Guided Kayak Tours

For those guests looking for an opportunity to get out and see what the Exuma waters have to offer, and find themselves some off resort adventure and fun, guided tours are the perfect option.

Its no secret that the Bahama’s boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and water in the world, which makes it a great spot for kayaking. In addition to its famously crystal-clear water, the waters around Exuma hold many different species of aquatic life for you to see on your tour. Depending on your tour selection, you may even have the opportunity to paddle around some of Exuma’s many Cay’s, offering their own unique views and sceneries.

Guided tours allow guests to travel beyond their comfort zone with a guide to ensure that you are safe at all times while out on the water enjoying your fun. You will experience the pristine waters where turtles and dolphins swim leisurely around, and potentially see colorful coral structures as you paddle on by. These coral structures are home to many different types of vibrant and active fish that will catch your eye with their quick movements beneath.

Resort Kayaks

Recommended Guided Tours

If you choose to go on a guided kayak tour, we recommend the following operator to give you the most rewarding experience possible

Out-Island Explorers

Out-Island Explorers offers guided kayaking trips with the largest fleet of ocean kayaks on the island, including both single and double kayaks. Their guides are ready to get you started on your tour and provide ample assistance for new comers. No matter your experience level, you are in good hands with the guides at Out-Island Explorers.

Resort Kayaks

On their website you will find that Out-Island Explorers offers a variety of different guided tours, ranging from shorter trips to trips lasting up to six days in duration. In addition to their kayak tours, they also offer a package for guests interested in both kayaking and setting sail in an expedition kayak. Whichever tour you choose, the guides at Out-Island Explorers will ensure you have an exciting time and a memorable experience.


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