Planning a trip to Exuma with your little ones or teens? Exuma has so much to offer to all ages, from babies to teenagers to adults! The Bahama islands are similar in some ways to other tropical destinations, but fortunately for you and your family, the Exuma islands in the Bahamas have so many more activities that you might not find elsewhere, making it a top destination for families!
For some family fun while visiting Exuma, here is a treasure hunt with things to look for during your adventures! See how many you can find!

Swimming for Starfish

There are some great opportunities to find starfish in the waters of Exuma! If you put on your snorkeling gear and find some clear and shallow water, you just might be able to spot them.

A great place to look is a beach referred to as ‘Starfish Beach’ as it is filled with starfish, especially at low tide! Ask your Hideaways representative how to get to this beach! The Starfish Reserves are great spots to find huge starfish.

Many of the tour operators will take you to places where you will find ample starfish as well! Just ask your Hideaways representative which companies they recommend most for this.

Remember, don’t keep them out of the water for too long, and put them back the way you found them!

Seeking Sand Dollars

Although Sand Dollars may be found throughout the beaches in Exuma, the most notable beach for finding these sea treasures is Coco Plum Beach. Not only is Coco Plum Beach breathtaking with its whites and beaches and beautiful sand bars, it has so many sand dollars, you and your family will be sure to find some! Remember, white sand dollars are no longer living, but the ones in the water, are!

Please put them back after you are done checking them out.

Beachcombing for Shells and Other Treasures

Shelling and beachcombing can be so much fun, especially for family members who love to seek out interesting things that have been washed up on the beach!

Many of the beaches in Exuma have lots of shells and other treasures to find. Major Cay, for example, is a great place to start!

Looking for Conch Shells? Check out the water access behind the Fish Fry to find a pile of the conch shells that have been discarded once the fishers were done with them. You will be amazed at the amount!

Looking for treasures IN the water as well? Exuma has so many snorkel areas! Whether you are looking for fish, sea turtles, starfish, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, or even barracudas, your chances are very high! Your Hideaways representative will have lots of information on the best spots to find these! Major Cay is a great place to snorkel, as well as the beach at Chat N’ Chill on Stocking Island!

And hey! The Hideaway’s private beach often has some hidden treasures as well! You and your family can take out the paddle boats and/or kayaks and explore the Elizabeth Harbor. You will be thrilled with the things you may find!

Snorkeling for Fish and Sea Turtles

As mentioned above, families have the opportunity to snorkel the waters of Exuma all over and find so many beautiful and exciting aquatic life. Remember to pack your underwater camera or GoPro!

Looking for Sea Turtles? Stocking Island and Hoppers Bay are great places to do so! Sometimes, you can even find them swimming around the Hideaways private beach!

Searching for Sting Rays

Sting Rays are so interesting, aren’t they? And so much fun to see in their natural habitat. Well, you can do this with your family while visiting Exuma. Check out the Chat N’ Chill beach for Sting Rays as well as other kid friendly activities or keep your eyes peeled around Hideaways and other nearby shore lines! 

Swimming with Pigs

Exuma is absolutely famous for its swimming pigs. It is a must see attraction while visiting Exuma! Take a tour with one of Hideaways recommended tour operators and head out to visit the pigs on their very own island. They are very friendly! You and your family can feed them, take photos with them, and even swim with them. What fun for everyone of all ages!

Discovering a Sunken Airplane

During many of the tours out to see the swimming pigs, the boats take you past a sunken airplane in the shallow waters. Keep an eye out for it!

Exploring for Underwater Caves

Are you, or any members of your family, fans of James Bond? The 1965 James Bond film titled “Thunderball” was filmed at Thunderball Grotto, a very exciting underwater cave filled with a beutiful array of fish. Many of the tour operators will take you here and provide you with snorkel gear to head into the cave.

Seeing Friendly Iguanas

Not only do the swimming pigs have their own island, so do a specific species of Iguanas! If you take a tour out to see the swimming pigs, your tour operator (depending on which one you go with) will take you to the island where Iguanas run wild on the beach!

When You Are Done…..

The Exuma Land and Sea Park
The Exuma Land and Sea Park is a one of a kind park that is full of wildlife, pristine beauty, and a vast marine environment. It is great for families with children of all ages! The park itself provides many educational opportunities about Pasture and O’Brien’s Cay, Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, and Allan’s Cay.

Santanna’s Grill
Do you, or any members of your family, like Johnny Depp or the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies? Some of the Pirate’s movies were filmed on Exuma, and it is said that Santanna’s Grill was Johnny Depp’s favorite place to get a drink and some food!

Mom’s Bakery

For parents and kids alike who love themselves something sweet… Mom’s Bakery is right next door to Santanna’s and you have the opportunity to meet Mom herself, and buy some of her delicious baking.

Fish Fry
The Fish Fry is a great place to go and have some local eats and drinks! A couple of nights a week there is live music and karaoke as well. Try one, two, three, or all of the food shacks and pick your favorite!

What Hideaways has to Offer for Fun Family Activities

Hideaways at Palm Bay prides itself on being a family friendly resort. No matter what your age, you will find something fun to do at Hideaways!

You can...

  • Use Kayaks, Paddleboats, and Paddleboards
  • Rent Snorkel gear and explore the waters of Hideaways private beach located on the Elizabeth Harbor
  • Go swimming in the onsite pool and play games while you swim
  • Utilize the games room and play ping pong, board games, and other activities
  • Rent boats and explore the Exuma waters on your own self-guided tour (Hideaways can provide great information on the best places to visit by boat and give directions and a map!)
  • Hang on a swing at the pool side bar and grill called Splash! or sit on the patio and enjoy a cold bevvy while your family plays in the sand!


The possibilities are endless!