Whether having visited the Caribbean in the past, or planning a trip in the future, many of you have likely heard about the common excursions available to tourists. These can include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, ATV jungle tours, and many, many more. These excursions are offered throughout most of the Caribbean’s sunny and tropical locations, be it Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and even here in the Bahamas. Although some of you may have only heard of these adventures, many of you have had the pleasant experience of taking part in these types of excursions and are looking for something a bit more… unique! Well, look no further than Exuma!
Exuma is home to the famous island of Big Major’s Cay, which is also unofficially referred to as Pig Island. Big Major’s Cay earned this nick name as it is an uninhabited island (also known as a cay) populated by resident feral pigs. Yes, you heard right! In Exuma, you can visit Pig Island and be greeted by a colony of friendly and curious pigs. But that’s not all! You will have the unique opportunity to swim in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Bahamas with these strong swimmers, all while soaking up the sun, having some laughs, and making heartfelt memories with your friends and family.
You might be wondering; how did these feral pigs end up on this particular uninhabited island? The answer is a bit of a mystery, but a fun one to consider. There are quite a few interesting theories. Some say that the pigs arrived on the island by sailors who brought them and left them there with the intention for later use. Others say they may have been domesticated pigs who got out and stayed out! How ever they arrived on Big Major’s Cay, they are there to stay. Any why wouldn’t they? Beautiful ocean water to swim in, lots of sunrays to soak up, food to eat, as well as visitors to hang out with…. this all sounds pretty nice! The exciting part is that while in Exuma, you have the chance to visit and experience this beautiful and welcoming place.
This unique excursion is great for individuals and families and we are confident that all age groups will find this experience to be an incredible one. You and yours will be the talk of the town when you arrive home with stories and pictures of the great times you had at Pig Beach!
Alongside swimming with the pigs, many of the excursions in Exuma also include other activities such as exploring the vast number of cay’s, snorkeling, cruising on a catamaran, as well as feeding and visiting bohemian rock iguanas.
Contact a representative at Hideaway’s Exuma to learn more about swimming with the pigs and other great adventures available to you while you enjoy your stay in paradise!