21. April 2013

4 “To Do” Items that will Maximize Your Fun Factor
Visitors to Exuma enjoy the hospitality and relaxed atmosphere of a small island. The only complication is that demand for services can, during peak season and off-season when some providers close down, outstrip supply. Don’t miss out on what you most want to see and do. Here are the things we would recommend doing in advance of your arrival:

1. Book tours and activities. Probably the first thing is to consider which tours and activities are your top priorities and to start communicating with the operators. It doesn’t happen often, but we hate to see guests arrive only to find out they can’t get a spot on the boat to Staniel Cay to see the swimming pigs or that the SCUBA trip they had their heart set on isn’t offered that week. We’ve posted phone numbers and links to various websites here to help.

2. Arrange for a car. To see the whole island, your best bet is a car rental. While some guests choose to keep a car for the entirety of their stay, many find that a day or two gives them plenty of time to explore. We find it most manageable to see the east part of the island on one excursion and the west the next day (or vice versa). The budget conscious may consider combining car rental timing with airport arrival or drop-off to save the cost of one taxi ride.

3. Consider renting a boat. For those who enjoy snorkeling, days on deserted beaches, and the like, a rental boat gives you maximum access and lets you keep your own schedule. As with car rentals, even a one or two day gives ample opportunity to get out and see the sights, although many guests like to have a boat the entire time. Not ready to captain your own? Island tours are also available.

4. Relax! You shouldn’t need a vacation from planning your vacation. If your Exuma beach front rental is with Hideaways, our reservation specialists will be happy to answer questions and point you in the direction of the island’s best things to do.
An Exuma beach front rental gives you access to the best the island has to offer—beautiful views, a relaxing atmosphere, and the opportunity to get away from it all. From there, the add-ons are just icing on the cake. We’re pleased that you’ll be coming down to see us. Stop in and say “hi” when you reach.