19. August 2013

Ahhhh, August. This is the month when the folks here at Hideaways Exuma plan our vacations. Hideaways will close August 30th, and we’ll be taking a few weeks to switch places with our guests—cramming too much stuff in our suitcases, praying against flight delays, and hoping everything will turn out perfectly. Here are our top worries as we rush about:

  1. Traveling with pets. The Francis family added Charlie, and he'll be winging it with us to see family, and it's always nerve-wracking the first time you take a furry one far to a new place. A few of the Hideaways weekly rentals do allow pets. Guests can check with us for the full story on dealing with the paperwork to bring Fido or Mr. Kitty onto the island.
  2. Scheduling. Does everyone look at a mere two weeks and say "wow, how can I fit it all in?” We're trying to keep the same relaxed attitude we counsel for our guests—schedule a few things but leave some days open and let things come to us. We'll see how we make out.
  3. Work. Yes, we get to take you all with us. Reservations come in. There are projects to tackle. So we'll be hunting down connectivity on an RV trip up the U.S. East Coast (for a couple of us) or checking in from the horse barn...oh this modern world.

Amidst the flight booking, packing, and worrying, it can be tough to forget the great things about vacation. Here are three things we think are awesome:

  1. The direct flight to Toronto. Cannucks, this is the best things since the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. Leave the Great North at 7:30 a.m. and be unpacking in Exuma by noon. Or going the other way, leave in the early afternoon. departure and arrive home in time for dinner. It couldn't be easier.
  2. Food! Don't get me wrong, we're mixing things up on Exuma. We’ve got our own high-end Italian restaurant, an East Indian night, and other options. But we do love the chance to catch some Thai, French, and—dare we admit it?—fast food. We love that Exuma is a McDonald’s-free zone, but after living on lobster, fish, and conch (tragic, right?) we like to feast on some variety.
  3. A bit of downtime. Our biggest hope is always that we'll come back rested and rejuvenated. The holiday season arrives so fast, and we want to be ready to welcome you!

In the meantime, we’re glad that we can give our staff the same time off to be with family, do the inevitable house projects, and get in a little vacationing of their own. So what do you look forward to most from your vacation? How can we help you get it?
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