Swimmin’ with the Stingrays!

Have you ever swum with stingrays?

Has it been on your to-do list for some time now, or just something you think might be fun for you and your family?

Exuma has a lot to offer in terms of exploration with wildlife, from swimming with pigs, hanging on the beach with iguanas, snorkeling with nurse sharks, but it is also home to one of the best and most notable places to swim the shallow waters of Exuma with stingrays in their natural habitat!

Where to Interact with the Stingrays

Just a hop skip and a jump from Great Exuma island, you can take a boat out to the very beautiful Stocking Island, where there is lots of fun to be had all on its own. However, lets focus on those sting rays!
Once you arrive on Stocking Island, make your way over to Chat N’ Chill!

Chat N’ Chill has a beach bar, restaurant, shop, and is home to their famous pig roasts on Sunday evenings. The gorgeous beach comes complete with sports such as beach volleyball, and lots of room for you and your family to spend the day.

While vising Chat N’ Chill, you will have the opportunity to see the sting rays, as over the years, they have been attracted to the shallow waters by the numerous tourists and guests who feed them.

These string rays are very friendly and love to visit!

To connect with them, you can pet them, swim along side them, take a photo with them, and feed them. It is a wonderful family experience and one that individuals of all ages will truly enjoy.

How to Interact with the Stingrays

As the string rays call these waters home, it is important to be respectful when visiting with them.
Here are a few tips to make your experience (and the sting rays!) the most enjoyable:

Don’t touch their stinger!

The stingrays are very friendly and calm. They are used to people interacting with them and do not mind the company. Just steer clear of their stinger and you will be fine.

Don’t step on them!

Stingrays hide under the sand, and they can be hard to spot from time to time. When you enter into the water, do so cautiously so you do not step on them. Shuffling your way in is the best way to avoid harming them. 

Keep your hands away from their mouths.

Although stingrays are very friendly, it is best not to put your hand near or in their mouths. They are still wild animals, after all.

A note for visitors:

Stingrays are quite friendly and will not go out of their way to be aggressive toward people. As these stingrays have been around people so frequently, they have grown used to their presence and are quite a joy to be around. Be respectful of them and they, in turn, will provide you and your family with an incredible experience.